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Sending email to Dr. Rudlin

When e-mailing Dr Rudlin, please be sure to enter the proper information into the e-mail’s Subject line (as explained below).  If the information in the subject line is not properly formatted, our system will consider it spam and delete the email.  Please help us avoid this!

Proper Format:

The proper format for the Subject line includes the word “patient: ” (including the colon and space), followed by the patient’s date of birth (six digits) and the first and last initial of the patient’s legal name (not nickname).  The format should look like this:

patient: mmddyyFL
(Where mm=month, dd=day, yy=year, F=first initial, L=last initial)

For example, if the patient's name is Abraham Lincoln and he was born on Feb 12, 1809, the email's Subject line would read:

patient: 021209AL